After making such a significant investment towards your outdoor space, it is a good idea that you maintain it, so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. We can arrange a follow-up maintenance schedule plan to implement by you or us.

Spring & Summer

During the spring and summer months our company will set up a proposal schedule to have our maintenance crews come during the week and mow your lawn, as well as prune and weed any bushes and shrubs to keep your yard looking sharp and healthy.

We also offer a spring clean up to our clients, who want their yard cleared of any debris that may have entered their property over the winter. As well as irrigation start ups that includes, turning on your water, and programing your clock to run for the season.


During the fall time it is essential to maintain your lawn, and blow any leaves so come first snow, they don't rot underneath or block out sunlight damaging your lawn. We will also trim back any bushes and tall grasses as necessary, so not to impair the warming come spring and delay the growth.

We also offer Fall Blowouts on irrigation systems for our clients, which is crucial to do before the first snow hits, to avoid pipes freezing and bursting underground.


During the winter months we offer snow removal service of clearing out your driveways, sidewalks, and patios.